Effective Journal Writing


“The unexamined life is not worth living,” wrote Greek philosopher Socrates, and the personal or professional journal may be one of the principle ways to do so.

Although it may not be classifiable as a literary genre, it could be the most important one, since it enables a person to intimately connect with his inner voice and discover his personal truth. Pursuing a hectic schedule, with little time for thought or reflection, the writer can consider his journal both a place and an act that enables him to converse with self and commune with soul, enabling him to sort out, process, understand, and accept what he transfers from his head or heart into his book, often reaching parts of him he never could. For this reason, journal writing can be considered thinking on paper.

To capture something through the written word is to give it form and make it real, and the journal can be the stage on which its spotlight can be shone. It can become an anchor in a person’s life storm and the dock to which he can return after each day’s drift.


Unlike other literary forms, which are dictated by specific rules and formats, journals are personal, highly individualized collections of writing, contributed to at a frequency that serves the author. Nevertheless, it can serve numerous purposes.Do My Homework for me

Because most people negotiate life at a hectic pace, with little time to intellectually or emotionally process what occurs to them, journals can serve as their pauses, during which they can digest everything-or opportunities to ‘catch up” on what may have proven only cursory abilities to interpret and accept.

They can provide gradual understanding of who they are, particularly on the inside.

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They allow them to examine their past and set courses for their future-that is, where they have been and to where they need to go.

They can foster organization and structure in both their personal and professional lives.

They can serve as archives or histories, documenting and preserving what memory may not always easily recall.

They can be used to develop ideas and demonstrate learning in classroom settings, replacing traditional exams.

Their entries mark the milestones of their life journeys.

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